Foot Reflexology
Herbal Stamping Massage

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Traditional Reflexology

60 minutes of pampering for your Soles!

Begins with your feet soaking in a foot bath of herbal infusions and essential oils. During this time, the therapist will work on the stress relief points. This is followed by a complete Foot Reflexology session that affects every system of the body by working the reflex areas of the feet. The therapist has extensive training in various types of Reflexology and will customize the session to meet your specific needs.

Sole Therapies

  • Traditional Reflexology
  • VitaFlex
  • Reflexology  with Essential Oils

Skin Therapies

  • Det9xifying Body Wrap
  • Herbal Stamping Massage & Skin Treatment

    • Body Therapies

      • Swedish Massage
      • Therapeutic Massage
      • NeuroMuscular Technique
      • Neuricular Therapy

      *All of our services can be customized for your individual needs.

      Please let us know what type of service you are requesting when scheduling your appointment.